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YELLOW MARKETING LTD. is a young technology provider and marketing company that was incorporated in 2012 as a joint venture of online marketing professionals, SEO specialists and social media experts. Our core business is the development of new systems and solutions for successful online marketing with a special focus on social media marketing, email marketing, online advertising (Media, SEO, Mobile), content production, continuos analysis of advertisement campaigns and real-time performance tracking.

Early 2013 our company launched its innovative Yellow Pages platform which enabled Yellow Marketing to become the fastest growing provider of location-based marketing solutions in the old-fashioned, dusty market of traditional Yellow Pages directories and telephone book editors that are still around.

Our core application is the intelligent geographical search of company details on the Internet and on mobile devices. Regional online platforms of Yellow Marketing Ltd. offer multiple functions to become common market places for buyers and sellers. Advanced indexing of large databases improve the visibility and exposure of registered companies and improve search results whenever consumers browse the Internet to find companies, products, brands or services.

Business directories of Yellow Marketing Ltd. offer new efficient and measurable ways to attract customers and generate additional revenue. We do not offer a traditional business directory service, but a great mix of online marketing tools for large corporations, business owners, entrepreneurs and the self-employed:

  • Embedded microsites create additional listings in search engines, like Google, Bing etc.
  • Cross-links that increasing the Page Rank's of your company’s own homepage
  • Social media placements and referral marketing action
  • Video integration, geo-targeting and own discount management platform (soon to come)
  • Providing QR codes for
  • Effective Email campaigns

Whether you have a website or not - your listing in one of our Yellow Pages online directories will effectively position your company’s profile in all relevant online platforms. Benefit from the expertise of our team... Register now.